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Street Team Case Study Spotlight: Canadian Soccer Association

Campaign: The Canadian Soccer Association (Promotion of Soccer Game on Game Day)

Objective: They were looking to promote their event at BMO field which is located right on the CNE grounds. They had ordered our postering services and were very impressed with what with our postering work. They were looking for the same results with a more personal touch. Ultimately, the more tickets we could see the better.

Product: We promoted their event that took place the same night at 8pm. It was the Canada vs. St Lucia qualifying game and those that attended the CNE received a deal to purchase a ticket for only $9.00 each.

Marketing Peripherals: The client had provided free Canadian Soccer Tattoos and stickers which were distributed to the public and allowed our team to approach prospective customers.

Uniforms: Our marketing street team was supplied with Canadian Soccer jerseys, hats and scarves.

Results: For a one day event the results were very successful and the Canadian Soccer Association team were overly pleased with the overall organization, drive and excitement we had passed along to the Canadian soccer fans. The campaign sold well over 300 tickets for the day of the event.

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