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Is Your Ad or Media Agency "Street" Enough for Your Client?

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First Poster Campaign Discount
Up to $300!

Change the way people think about your client

Reach media-resistant demographics
with alternative advertising

Save thousands on media distribution costs


Launch your client's next campaign on the streets with CityPostering

By adding a street postering element to your client's campaign you will have pinpoint control of target locations and demographics - or you can choose to blanket an entire urban area with your client's branding. It's that kind of flexibility that makes CityPostering great as an addition to any ad campaign.

Why a Street Campaign?

  • According to a study published in Marketing Magazine, consumers feel most positive about outdoor ads such as posters, signs, and billboards. Some people even thought there were too few outdoor ads!
  • Reach the unreachable! We enable advertisers to target consumers who intentionally tune out traditional advertising. The "underground" nature of a street poster campaign means that your ads won't be viewed as traditional media.
  • An established brand using a grass-roots marketing/advertising method will draw attention to the campaign as a whole.
  • The "guerrilla" dimension of street postering is a great way to add some edge to your campaign. Street posters are the perfect medium for giving your campaign an alternative or underground feel. Use a street campaign to launch a new product or show off an existing product in a new light.
  • Postering is ideal for launching a multi-phase "mystery" campaign. An eye-catching and compelling poster, seen enough times in enough places will have a whole city wondering what your campaign is all about.
  • A street campaign using CityPostering for printing and distribution will reach more people in a specific urban area for your dollar than any other medium. AND we'll give your agency a $200-$300 discount on your first campaign with us.

If your client is looking for something fresh and innovative - this is it. Call us today and start a poster campaign in less than a day!

Toronto - 416.832.1675
Vancouver - 604.873.1689


Advertising Promotions


CityPostering Is Your Logical Choice

A good poster campaign can be used to advertise and generate interest for virtually any product, service or event. With flexible distribution options that allow you to target specific demographics and locations at a miniscule cost, posters are a strong and versatile tool in the hands of a capable creative team.


Our Locations


  • Toronto is the advertising capital of Canada
  • Toronto's neighbourhoods represent virtually every demographic imaginable
  • University and college campus poster routes for targeting the young adult market
  • High-visibility downtown poster routes and mid-town residential and shopping routes


  • Vancouver boasts Canada's highest population density, meaning even more exposure for your money
  • Strong representations of both professionals and alternative consumers in a small area
  • Entertainment and events industries yield ideal poster campaign clients

CityPostering Service

  • Printing is done in-house to eliminate time wasted and additional overhead
  • We monitor our poster routes for the duration of the campaign, replacing posters as needed
  • Same day postering in time sensitive situations
  • An in-house creative team if you need to outsource design or writing
  • Versatile graphic artist on staff for last minute revisions

Starting Your Campaign is as Simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Step 1 - Contact your CityPostering location and speak to an Urban Strategist to plan your street campaign

Step 2 - Integrate your CityPostering campaign with your client's advertising

Step 3 - Professional, quality controlled production and distribution, all handled by CityPostering on location in Toronto and Vancouver

Speak to an Urban Strategist at CityPostering right away!

Toronto - 416.832.1675
Vancouver - 604.873.1689



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