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At CityPostering.com we believe in the idea of giving back to the community and to good causes. This is one of the reasons we work with non-profits and the events they put on. In the past we’ve promoted Casey House events, breast cancer awareness, community events and outreach programs. Whether it's an event or an awareness campaign, at CityPostering.com we want to work with you to better our community. We have helped many organizations reach their goals by promoting their events throughout Toronto and Vancouver. We understand the constraints that many non-profits work under which is why we reduce our rate a bit in order to accommodate your needs. A win-win situation is what we seek.

Postering Toronto

CityPostering.com Helps the Community:

  • Casey House
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Community Events
  • Cancer Awareness Events
  • and much more …


We cover the city to make sure people see your message!

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