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Campus Postering: University Postering!

We can promote your product to students at the following university campuses in Toronto and Vancouver:

College Postering


  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • Ryerson
  • And surrounding neighbourhoods
  City Postering


  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of British Columbia
  • Douglas College
  • Kwantlen College

When it comes to postering in the university market in Toronto and Vancouver no one does it better than us!

The Benefits of Campus Postering

Campus Postering allows you to reach thousands of students all in one area. One of the great advantages of campus postering is that your poster will be seen by individuals with discretionary income who are willing to spend it. You'll advertise right at the source, where students and individuals spend much of their day. Students will see your ad over and over again. In fact, the average lifespan of a poster is 1-2 weeks at most campuses. We run effective postering campaigns, and we recommend you post once every two weeks to maximize your exposure and minimize your cost.

How can we deliver lower rates than our competitors?

Volume! We keep our costs down by grouping together different posters in the same postering run. We work to make sure you are satisfied so your campaign will succeed. We charge $0.50 per poster, but we also offer discounts depending on the volume.

Repetition and persistence pays off

We recommend that you be persistent with this type of advertising. Your audience will start to respond to your ad the more they notice it. Most people won't respond to an ad the first time, but they become more likely to read and respond to it each time they see it.

We poster dozens of campuses with Toronto postering and Vancouver postering campaigns. Take advantage of this by having one of our representatives set up a campaign for you.


We cover the city to make sure people see your message!

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