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Advertising Through Alternative Media Outdoor Campaigns:

City street postering campaigns are a type of alternative media outdoor campaign of which the benefits are many. A cheaper alternative to conventional marketing campaigns, postering campaigns are able to spread a message across an entire block, neighborhood, or city very quickly. They require less planning and are much easier than, say, putting together a television or radio ad. A small company or an individual can easily afford this type of advertising and alternative media outdoor campaign. Whether you choose to make the poster yourself, have your designer design it, or pay a postering company a small fee to design one for you, itís certainly cheaper than the majority of conventional ad campaigns!

Advertising and alternative media outdoor campaigns, such as postering, can be large or small-scale, using regular 8.5"x11" up to 27"x40" movie-sized posters. They can be strategically postered on walls and telephone and utility poles in a targeted neighborhood, or "blanketed" over the city.

Great for an event such as a concert or party, for a product launch, CD release, or grand opening, posters get the word out fast and efficiently. Furthermore, advertising through alternative media outdoor campaigns, such as postering, allows you and/or your company to engage with your consumers – whether it is by sparking their attention through a "teaser" campaign or through an interesting design or slogan. Advertising through alternative media outdoor campaigns is a highly affordable, easy, and effective way to generate new leads for your business. Stand out from the crowd! Consider a postering campaign today.


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