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Guerrilla Advertising:

Guerrilla advertising is an alternative or unconventional form of advertising. The term has been used to define numerous types of advertising campaigns from performances and protests in the form of public demonstrations to graffiti campaigns and installations.

An urban postering campaign is another form of guerrilla advertising that is just as effective though much less combative. It functions by bombarding a street or a neighborhood with your message – making it attention-grabbing and unavoidable - but relatively peaceful! By postering a city with your message, you are making it visible to the masses of commuters, passers-by, families, students, and individuals making their way through the city on a daily basis. With this type of guerrilla advertising, it becomes possible to create quite a buzz within a limited budget.

Postering is an affordable alternative to traditional advertising media. Campaigns can be large or small, long or short and can be highly targeted to a specific audience. With a postering guerrilla advertising campaign, you can choose to “blanket” a neighborhood with your slogan or opt for large-size posters that create a big splash on the streets.

Guerrilla advertising is ideal for events, new product launches or to get your website or phone number out there. Poster campaigns are memorable, engaging, affordable, and highly effective. What more could you ask for in a marketing campaign?


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