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Get More Attention! – Upgrade to Super-Size Posters!

It's Brash and Aggressive...
It's Bold and Creative...

You can't help but notice a sea of posters when confronted with them on the street. Give your campaign a "super-splash" with a super-sized poster campaign. Let City Postering help you plan a campaign that'll deliver your message right to your customer!

Poster Marketing

A view of our Super-Sized posters ... much more attention-grabbing!

It's a fact. Bigger posters attract more attention.

Use oversized posters with:

  • construction board postering
  • poster "pole" wraps
  • cylinder postering
Poster Marketing Grass Roots Advertising

A side by side comparison of 8.5" x11" posters and 18" x 24" posters.

We can also help with:

The Design of the Poster

Let our design team wizards consult with you on a design that best suits:

  • the message that is being conveyed
  • the format of your design (high-end vs. low end)
  • best design effectiveness in a street-level setting

We've been designing posters for years so let our expertise assist you in perfecting your advertising message.

Campaign Rollout

Let us schedule your campaign to get the most impact. Our campaign planners will talk to you regarding the best times to poster based on:

  • area
  • time of year
  • date of event (if any)

Super-Size posters get a lot of attention. You can't help but see them everywhere you go. At City Postering our people know the best times and places to poster to get you maximum exposure. When you contact us you can leave your postering campaign in our capable hands. Talk to us today and take your postering from good to great!

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