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Affordable Marketing Alternatives – Street Postering

City Postering offers affordable and dependable local marketing solutions for businesses in Toronto and Vancouver. Our experience has taught us how to organize strong marketing campaigns for event promotions, big and small business, and non-profits alike. Posters are inexpensive to produce, and our team of poster reps makes distribution quick and easy. We can have your poster campaign up in 24-hours with our effective guerrilla-style advertising techniques, communicating your message all over the city!


Some types of businesses we serviced are:

  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Concerts
  • Performances
  • Radio
  • Healthcare & Spas
  • Video games
  • Film
  • Non profit



Why Use Postering Services

City Postering lets you send a DIRECT MESSAGE TO YOUR AUDIENCE. Our attractive and well-designed posters let you get the necessary attention for your event/service/product. People who live, work and play in your targeted areas will be exposed to your ad during the course of their day. Location-based poster advertising is a proven method of converting passers-by into paying customers.

Campaigns that Pop Out and Stay That Way

Your message is important, and your audience will notice your message even if they don't see it the first time. We aggressively work your campaign so your message stays fresh in the minds of your audience. We take care of all the little things to ensure that while other posters are no longer visible within 24 hours we work our campaigns so your audience sees your message. Our experience has seen us work on over 1000 campaigns since 2004.

You Get More with CityPostering.com

CityPostering.com is part of a larger network of companies that offer specialist services to help your company compete in a competitive environment. Our resources give us some real advantages to help your campaign succeed. Call us to get a quote on our postering service or our marketing street teams to help your marketing team get the word out on your event today.


We cover the city to make sure people see your message!

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